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brain abundance product bottleThe Brain Abundance ™ Flagship Product is Brain Fuel Plus. An Exclusive Brain Nutrition Product that was scientifically engineered to quickly increase memory and support focus. A much anticipated and needed product in todays world, a product that is effective, affordable, and encompasses only the purest ingredients.

The Most Complete Brain Nutrition Product on the planet.  Such a needed product, especially in this fast paced world we live in, and a product that people definitely need.

#1 Lab Certified brain supplement scientifically engineered to quickly increase your memory and support focus.  100% 60 Day Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee, just 59.95 a bottle. Top Product, Powerful Compensation Plan, Top Team.

Just some of the “star” ingredients in the Product Brain Fuel Plus 


Recognized as the most beneficial anti-oxidant, the world has to offer, it is also one of the few anti-oxidants in the world that have been clinically proven to get through the Blood Brain Barrier to help keep your neurotransmitters and receptors clean and your brain healthy and nourished. This wonder-ingredient has many other powerful benefits in your body even outside of your brain. In fact, it’s been proven to help prevent cataracts in your eyes, help with heart health, help improve athletic performance, and even protect you from UV-radiation!

An essential amino acid (a building block for proteins in the body), meaning the body needs it for health, but cannot make it itself…which means you have to get it from food. Unfortunately many people don’t get enough of it in their diet. This powerful amino acid has been clinically studied as a therapy for depression, Parkinson’s disease and more. In fact people have reported that their mood improved when they took phenylalanine!

This is one of the best-kept secrets to the Brain Fuel PLUS formula. Sensoril is a multi-functional, highly effective, highly documented ingredient proven to help reduce emotional and mental stress; promote a positive, calm, relaxed state of mind; promote a more restful and better sleep; enhance focus and mental stamina and even promote mental clarity and concentration. In fact, scientific research has shown that a major cause of overeating and weight gain in women is the increased levels of cortisol associated with stress. This stress often causes cravings and overeating of carbohydrates and fats. Even though over consumption of these foods is unhealthy, it temporarily increases release of serotonin, which makes people feel good. Sensoril helps provide resistance to food cravings, snacking, and over eating to not only help with stress, sleep, and improved mood, but can also be effective to help with weight management! Sensoril is a true all-star of an ingredient!

Serotonin activity in your brain helps to improve and stabilize your mood. Dopamine activity in your brain helps to make you feel more confident, positive, and motivated. So what do these have to do with Rhodiola Rosea? Rhodiola Rosea has a very unique and powerful ability to inhibit these neurotransmitters from metabolizing, meaning they remain in your brain longer and in higher concentrations helping to keep you happier, less stressed, and more confident.

Perhaps the best fitting ingredient in our product's name, L-Glutamine is the only compound besides blood sugar that can both cross the blood brain barrier AND be used by the brain for energy, which is why it is commonly called "brain fuel." In fact L-Glutamine is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid in the entire body.

Called the modern-day "fountain of youth" for its powerful anti-aging benefits. Resveratrol is a unique antioxidant because it is one of very few that can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system

Grape Seed Extract
Another heavily clinically studied ingredient, the benefits of grape seed extract are vast and powerful. Another one of the few antioxidants that can penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Known to "silence the aging gene"

Other ingredients - Folic Acid, B6, B12,  Ginseng, and Zinc.

A total of 13 Amazing Synergistic ingredients in Brain Fuel Plus.



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The Brain Abundance Compensation Plan - Accelerated, Fast Paced, High Paying

A simple and uncomplicated compensation plan shines at Brain Abundance. Offering a compensation plan that appeals to the masses and gives everyone , beginners and experienced marketers an fair plan. It is simply one of the most powerful paying compensation plans on the market today. Offering Fast Start Bonuses (Earn $25. on every personal referral first product order), a High Paced Accelerated Binary Compensation plan that pays 3 times the normal binary, with no hoops, hurdles or balancing acts. Affordable Product, Low Monthly Product Purchase (just one bottle) and a Powerful Infinity Coded Fast Start Bonus Plan which will have you awake at night. A plan that rewards people equally at all levels of the business. That is designed to pay you not only this month and next, but for a lifetime.

Compensation Plan Summary:

50% Fast Start Bonuses - Example - Personally enrolled first time order of 1 bottle you get $25.00

Fast Paced Binary Compensation Plan - Build just 2 teams or legs. No complicated "cycles"
- 1 Bottle Sale Left Team $59.95 AND 1 Bottle Sale Right Team $59.95 = $20. to you


Unparalleled Opportunity

A true win win situation. An effective much needed product that you cannot get anywhere else, an affordable price point for the masses, no huge start up costs, and a payplan that is truly powerful on all levels. Experienced Management, Doctor Developed Product, Strong Leadership, and Mass Appeal, truly an opportunity of a lifetime with Brain Abundance.

Powrful System

Brain Abundance has a powerful fear of loss marketing system in place which includes an email drip system designed to make your building your business a snap... offering several lead capture pages for your prospects to take actions, a followup drip system to keep them informed, and help put your new prospects in your team with no monthly fees.

The Tools and System for YOUR Success with PureFreedomTeam

As a Member of our Team, with Brain Abundance you will have access at absolutely NO COST to some of the industries best tools for your success. We understand the importance of not just selecting a fantastic opportunity, but selecting the right team to work with, one dedicated to your success. As a member of our team receive training, social media tools, additional landing pages to go to your cormpany lead pages all personalized, back office training, new member training and more.

Everything designed to help you build a successful business in todays competitive online marketplace with Brain Abundance.

Whether your an experienced netowrk marketer or brand new to the home based business arena the tools for your success are here.

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Compensation Plan

The compensation plan gives you several ways to earn, from retail profits, fast start bonuses, coded bonuses, and high paying team bonuses. A Powerful plan for you.

Brain Abundance © Compensation SummaryPureFreedomTeam

  • Retail Profits - 50% on First orders
  • Fast Start Bonuses Paid Weekly - 50% adds up fast!
  • Powerful Infinity Coded Overide Bonuses - 40% on your payleg
  • Fast Paced Binary Plan - 1 Sale Left/ 1 Sale Right Team = $20 Cycle
  • Low Monthly Autoship of just one bottle product - $59.95




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